Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship Program


Course Name: – Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs Internship Program
Duration: – 90 days
Total Hours: – 120 hours online
                           50 hours offline

Weekly: –
Online: – 10 hours (Video Conferencing, webinars, recorded online course)
Offline: – 4 hours (Meetup, follow up, doubt solving, progress report)

Why we Are Effective –

  1. Cost Effective

  2. Learn from scratch

  3. Industrial Training and implementation program

  4. Real time projects.

  5. Trainers are entrepreneurs not faculties

  6. Certification

  7. Internship certificate

  8. 100 % Money Back Guarantee (Not Satisfied Technically)

  9. Proven Strategies for assured results

Trends You Get Hands on Experience: –

  1. Core Digital Marketing Techniques

  2. Website Marketing (WordPress Only)

  3. SEO

  4. Local SEO

  5. FACEBOOK marketing

  6. Instagram marketing

  7. Linked in Marketing

  8. What’s app Marketing

  9. Content Marketing

  10. Paid Advertisement

  11. Affiliate Marketing

  12. E-commerce Marketing

  13. Email Marketing

Internship Outcomes: –

  1. How to setup digital business?

  2. How to develop business plan?

  3. How to structure your services and products?

  4. How to pitch clients?

  5. Hiring and outsourcing?

  6. How to scale your business?

  7. How to manage digital marketing projects?

  8. How to do develop digital marketing agency?

Learn from the very best

Who is Prathamesh?

Prathamesh Korgaonkar is a young entrepreneur who is the founder of total three companies, two major companies in India and one Digital Marketing company in the US. Similarly, there is a patent in United States of America in his name. He has the intention to give a deeper insight into the digital marketing to most young entrepreneurs.
For more information ->

1] Four Years of experience in Digital Marketing. 

2] US Granted Patent. 

3] More than 200 Entrepreneurs Trained. 

4] Founder of 3 Start-up Companies. 

5] Successfully running business in US and India. 

6] Conducted more than 15 seminars for Professionals. 

7] Got featured in Hindustan Times and Marathi Digital Udyojak Magazine. 

8] Author of 3 Books on Digital Marketing. 

9] Successfully sold more than 3500 e-Books all over India. 

10] More than 1000+ online students attended online courses. 

11] By Education He is an IT graduate from MIT, Pune. 

12] Worked at Cognizant for 2 Years.